Os Parentes Galician Cooperative Society (Galician)

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23th December: Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year
9th September: Xan and Helena with the parrot Ravachol and the writer Valle-Inclán
6th September: these are our children
1st September: Pilar Guerra in the program Ben Falado, TVG
2nd July: double rainbow in Lobelle
25th June: new works
11st June: silage 2008
24th May: galspanglish
21st May: today we seeded potatoes
4th May: Torrejón de Ardoz, our uncle and honorary member José González
27th April: ladies taking a walk in Lobelle

24h April: now we are here: osparentes.eu

19th April: the veterinarian working
18th April: the dog
2nd april: New Year milk
nitramón 27% for the grass


26th Sptember: today corn silage from Lamatravesa
20th Sptember: weather, wind, rain?
17th September. Feira: Castro-Carballedo
9th September: webstats4
3rd September: good bye holiday!
28th August: From Chantada, As Carrozas (Carmen)
25th August: holiday, holiday, holiday...
19th August: we have a bull
16th August:today it rains, good bye fires!...
14th August: many fires, many fires, many fires, many fires...
14th July: summer, summer, summer....
6th July. The family Sanchez-Gabriel in Os Parentes
3rd July. Vines infected by fungi
24th JUNE. Congratulations. Mr. President and Helena
17th JUNE: cows, cows
9th JUNE: modern gas pump?
31st MAY: we have had a week´s holiday. The corn..
28th MAY: An amazingly hot day for Galicia in May.. .
30th MAY. In order to sell a book: carrabouxo
19th MAY. Sileage is over and done with. It should be a relaxed weekend at last!
14th MAY. Last week we planted the corn seeds. This year we are trying a new brand TRERMO, with the usual AUROESTAR and CAROLUS. We´ll see how it works...
9th MAY: Faba do pan (in galego), altramuz (español), Lupinus (latín) English??
8th MAY: nature, nature!!
6th MAY. Os Parentes in the Orestes burial. Castro de Carballedo (with Xose Banco, nº 2, PSOE)
5th MAY: a fence three years, a dog three fences, a horse three dogs, a man three horses, a crow three men (Xan de Baixo)
27th APRIL. Ferrería do Incio. This beautiful place soon became one of our uncle´s favourite strolls
26th APRIL: it is already spring

19th APRIL: + ANXO GONZÁLEZ GONZÁLEZ, Cura do Incio, Honorary President.

La Voz de Galicia
People from O Incio
17th APRIL. The piggies
16th APRIL. The coffee liqueur of Mamacarmen
13th APRIL. The factory of artist
6th APRIL. The prices of milk !!!!¿¿¿¿¿¡¡¡
5th APRIL. Happy Birthday to you, Carme
1st April . Statistics
30th March. Authorities from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs  visit "Os Parentes" .

23rd MARCH. It is essential that calves receive colostrum “costro” in Galego, the mother's first milk, which contains extra nutrients and antibodies against disease. Pilar thinks it is also  perfect for her “filloas”, one of the most popular desserts in Galicia

22nd March. Charo, the newly born calf,  is a beauty and Marta looks after her wonderfully
20th March. It´s raining cats and dogs again
14th MARCH. The honorary president is in house
12nd MARCH. Good news: springs are flowing again.
Bad news: wild boars have caused serious damage to Xan´s vines
1st MARCH. Our president in Chinchon-Madrid
FEBRUARY-23. Carnival: I love you
18th FEBRUARY. Rain at last! Good heavy rain. How lucky!!!
14th FEBRUARY. We´re fertilizing the meadows which will produce sileage grass. 40.000 l per ha
10th FEBRUARY. Many thanks, Rosario Sánchez-Gabriel
5th FEBRUARY. Marta´s cat. A "carrabouxo" from Salgueiriños
2nd FEBRUARY. Marta and Xosé, 25 years married, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st FEBRUARY. Prices of milk are maintained
31st JANUARY..34 visitors to the web, new record
28th JANUARY..Today it´s snowing and we prefer to work indoors ...
25th JANUARY . What does "rillote" mean ?
21st JANUARY . Cutting firewood andclearing the meadows 
16th JANUARY. Trasar de Carballo
10th JANUARY. No comment
9th JANUARY. Some wine and Marta´s garlic saussages .
2nd JANUARY. 2005 we have had a month´s holiday
30th DECEMBER. In O Incio there is not ADSL
22nd DECEMBER. Bad luck with the lottery
8th DECEMBER. Today Marta is slaughtering her pigs .
4th DECEMBER. We have just began the slaughtering of pigs
Anxel Fole:
Xa se sabe coma son ises xantares da mata. Empezan ás doce, poño por caso, e rematan ás cinco. O fígado asado con aceite e pimento, os roxós i o raxo. Viño, nunca falta. Tempo de fartura.

29th de NOVEMBRO. The price of milk is very low

24th NOVEMBER. The philosophy of our cows . Carrabouxo
17th NOVEMBER. We already have ADSL.
15th NOVEMBER. The property
11th NOVEMBER: San Martiño.
21st OCTOBER (fair in Chantada). The grass

18th OCTOBER (San Lucas) .The "hórreo"

15th OCTOBER. Sara has just been born, congratulations Viorteiro.
11th OCTOBER. It´s raining
5th OCTOBER. The grass , ... 1.200.000 kg?
7th SEPTEMBER 2005 . No comment

JUNE 2005. Our friends of SAT SABADELLE from Chantada

24 JUNE 2005. Congratulations. Mr. President and Helena

JUNE 2005. A week´s holiday

JUNE 2005.Veterinary attention



31st March: Today finishes to the season of milk 2006-2007
Morning begins season 2007-2008
Soon will begin a new page of the news
25th March: today sings the cuckoo, we are in spring
21st March: we are in works (photo) , begins the spring
19th March: today he is san José, congratulations José, José Manuel, María José
18th March: today there is much work in the farm
10th March: the wine is the protagonist: Chantada
8th March: Day of the woman worker
5th March: honey originating from Trasar de Carballo
3rd March: today also it rains, today also is much wind
21st FEBRUARY: the carnival finished
18th FEBRUARY: cantina do Xosé
10th FEBRUARY: milk 2007
9th FEBRUARY: Yeile, the name of the cow in Chinese is
3rd FEBRUARY: San Brais: two hours +
31st January: cowParade 2007
23th January: cows and snow and Helen
22nd January: san Vicente...
20th January: tomorrow it will snow
15th January: typical cachelos/zorza, in O Barrio
15th January: typical coffee in O Barrio, Pradeda, Carballedo
9th FEBRUARY: Yeile, the name of the cow in Chinese is
14th January: we also are in ICOS
6th January: our Carrabouxo
5th January 2: + Rufo, our dear dog
5th January: a gift to improve this
31st December: the year finishes... Pepe, Xan, Xosé, Alfonso, Tita, Marta: happy year for you
28th December: today it is the day of the lies
26th December: in memoriam Anxo González González
25th December: Merry Christmas!
22nd December: milk 2006 (congratulations?)
16th December: today we killed the pigs
2nd December. Today the slaughter of the pigs begins. The typical meals are: carnes mortas, paxarela, filloas, costelas, zorza...

24th November: it rains, it rains, it rains...
Monotonía de lluvia en los cristales (Antonio Machado)
Chove despois de chover (Manuel Rivas)

22nd November:   It seems that the European Commissioner said a few days ago that the milk quota system may be phased out by 2008 and not by 2015 as everybody thought. That would certainly mean that  30% of dairy farms would be forced to close down and the rest of producers would lose all the money they have been investing on quotas during the last ten years...
9th November: the wine (Xan, from Trasar) is very good ... east year 2006
8th November Voz de Galicia
5th November. Mushrooms: paxillus involutos?, ???
4th November. There are many mushrooms. We can eat mushrooms..
31st October: Now we face a new challenge..., we can´t afford to relax if we aim to play a leading role in this sector we know so well.
29th October: La Voz de Galicia
21st October: See tests of year 2006
20 th October: bandeiragalega.com
18th October: San Lucas.
10th October: a beautiful flower. How is called?
3rd October: harvesting and storage are over. A new season begins